Maintenance and changes of the ATF

Using the right ATF can be a determining factor in guaranteeing the quality of our products and ensuring their optimum performance. TCMATIC uses specific certified ATFs for each transmission.

The ATF loses its properties after a period of use. Most of the faults that can occur in an automatic transmission have to do with lubrication. If the automatic transmission fluid (ATF) cannot be changed completely or we cannot control the amount of filling, excess or shortage can cause damage to the control valves, selector and gearbox in general.

TCMATIC has the automatic equipment to clean the circuit and makes the change of all the used fluid of transmission, torque converter and radiator, adapting the load of the new fluid to the exact amount stipulated by the manufacturer or that had been previously used in the circuit. If the ATF cannot be completely replaced, it can cause the gearbox to malfunction.