TCMATIC it’s an industrial and technological enterprise expert in automatic gearboxes, torque converters, valve bodies and transfers for all european automobiles.

TCMATIC is an industrial and technological company specializing in automatic transmissions for automobiles, which started its activity in October 2012 at its facilities in the Industrial Estate Comarca II of Esquíroz (Navarra), in close proximity to Pamplona. It boasts more than 3,000 m2 of surface area, where all its departments and services are located – including the Quality Department, R+D+i and its production lines. Our Hydraulics and Electronics Laboratories match the level represented by the leading European laboratories in the sector.

What makes us stand out is quality and technology, supported by our considerable experience in management, the automotive sector and remanufacturing.

TCMATIC collaborates with technology centres and important national and international partners, which provides us with the support and recognition from the Ministry of Industry and the Government of Navarra.

TCMATIC is a strictly client-oriented company, which maintains unwavering quality criteria in its operation (ISO 9001, ISO 14001)



TCMATIC has obtained the support of the Ministry of Industry of the Government of Spain and the Government of Navarra. It has also established collaboration with the Multidisciplinary Centre of Technologies for Industry in Navarra (CEMITEC), as well as numerous private companies (ZF, Superflow Technologies, Hydratest, etc).