Valve bodies

TCMATIC has its own department of verification, repair and control of valve bodies, with a team consisting of technicians specializing in mechanics and electronics, and mechanical engineers.

The valve bodies repair department boasts state-of-the-art machinery and equipment that allows us to repair and verify any benchmark brand.

Prior to repair, our technical team tests all the valve bodies in a testbed. The first analysis lets us interpret the data to be able to carry out a complete repair but with a focus on more deteriorated points.

The valve bodies that we repair are completely disassembled, and all the components are subjected to testing, discarding all the parts that do not comply with the parameters and tolerances established by the manufacturers of the first equipment.

Finally, the valve bodies are reconstructed following the specifications of our quality manual, and they are subjected to strict final product control tests before the guarantee certificate is issued.

The department also includes an electronics laboratory where we use specific interfaces and equipment to be able to provide pre-programmed mechatronic units according to the VIN of each car.