Diagnosis and electronics

TCMATIC has electronic equipment and software used to diagnose, repair and reprogram plates, control units and other components.

The diagnosis, electronics and reprogramming department is of critical importance for TCMATIC. Therefore, investment in training, technology and research is constant in this area, and we consider it one of the essential technological pillars on which we base our strategy and our R+D+i.

We have specialist technicians and electronic equipment to diagnose problems and breakdowns and solve them in our facilities, and in turn we provide advisory services to our customers to facilitate their work.


In the electronics lab, our technicians have at their disposal equipment, software and interfaces to repair, transfer data and reprogram plates, control units and other components.

In the gearbox department, we can act directly on the vehicles through different types of equipment that allows us to provide the complete solutions to problems and breakdowns, and make the necessary adaptations to ensure the optimal operation of the vehicle.