Valve bodies

TCMATIC has a section dedicated exclusively to the remanufacturing of valve and mechatronic bodies, where expert and qualified personnel have at their disposal the most advanced tools and machinery. We also have a large stock of O.E.M. and remanufactured products from the main manufacturers.



At TCMATIC, we repair Mercedes-Benz and ZF mechatronic bodies as well as DSG and CVT of Audi and VW. We collect and deliver products throughout Europe.

Before remanufacturing the units, we carry out a test to verify if they are badly damaged. If this is the case, we remanufacture them completely. If not, we return the unit and only invoice the expenses of the verification.


Main mechatronics



Our section for the verification and repair of valve bodies is equipped with testbeds and a hydraulic and electronic laboratory.


Delivery time of 24/48 hours anywhere in Europe. We handle all the pick-up and delivery services.


All valve bodies remanufactured by TCMATIC carry a one-year warranty.

What exactly are valve bodies?

Known as the ‘brain’ of the gearbox, it is the most complex and critical component of the automatic transmission, basically consisting of a set of valves arranged inside a metallic body that in turn consists of a series of cavities and ducts through which the ATF flows under pressure and which connect these valves to one another. These valves are driven and controlled by hydraulic pressure thanks to a series of electromagnetic devices called solenoids, which are also usually mounted on the valve body and which receive the signals from the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) of the vehicle. The function of the valve body is to send at the precise instant the ATF pressure required by the different clutch and brake packs of the transmission, to perform – at each moment and with precision adapted to the driving conditions – the change of the gears of the vehicle.

The valve body is very sensitive to any dirt or contaminant that the ATF might carry, particles and overheating, and tends to present wear that in certain areas results in a loss of pressure and incorrect operation of the transmission. A periodic maintenance of the ATF is essential but, in the event of failure, the TCMATIC facilities has a department dedicated exclusively to the repair and remanufacturing of any type of valve body, where qualified and experienced staff have at their disposal the most advanced tools, equipment and machinery to carry out such repairs.

The machinery used includes state-of-the-art software and systems, as well as on-line assistance and access to updated documentation, which allow us to verify the integrity of each of the repairs and calibrate the electro-hydraulic units with precision. We have the equipment necessary to verify, repair and recalibrate solenoids.

At TCMATIC, we can remanufacture any type of valve body on the market – European, American or Asian vehicles (ZF, MB, GM, Ford, Chrysler, AW, Jatco, and more) – including the latest generation mechatronic models, which implement valve bodies, ECU and sensors within the same block. In the last-mentioned case, TCMATIC has the necessary technology for its verification and repair, returning to our customers perfectly reprogrammed automatic gearboxes and – in most cases – performing corresponding adaptation.

We also have a dedicated warehouse which stores repaired valve bodies in the most common models on the market, and so we are able to provide immediate service to our customers.

At TCMATIC, we know that your vehicle breaking down can seriously affect your day-to-day mobility. That is why our slogan is immediate and high-quality service provided in an outstanding, cordial and professional manner.